Weis Christmas Tree Farm

choose and cut your own tree

http://www.weistrees.com/Img019.jpgEnjoy nature - Visit the Weis Tree Farm

Christmas Tree sales: Day after Thanksgiving 'til Christmas (9 to 5 daily)

          Full service first two weekends after Thanksgiving

Located 12 mi. east of St. Cloud and 3mi. south of Duelm GET MAP

Trees available: Scotch Pine, Norway Pine, White Pine, Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir and Spruce (sp.)


  • Natural trees
  • Helpful staff
  • Habitat diversity
  • Drive or walk to choose and cut your tree
  • Wreaths and tree bags
  • Available first two weekends:
    1. Tree cleaning
    2. Tree baling
    3. Free candy
    4. Free tree cutting
  • Free boughs
  • Economy lot at entrance to farm
  • Santa visits first two weekends after Thanksgiving


  • Recycle your tree to improve nature trails and provide mulch for landscaping.  Check local papers to see when recycling is available in your area.

Contact us: Denis (320) 743-2134 -- cell (320) 333-8893 or Leon (320) 252-5286 -- cell (320) 339-7055 or EMAIL US


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           All Christmas Tree fields are in a natural setting                                                           Deck Trees of all sizes